Outline for Myths and Chapter 8

Myths pg 211-222

Historians must strip away what is myth from what is fact, however that risks reducing the event so it has no effect on society in the present.

  • arguably everyone acquires their own truth of what they believe happened even though it might not be what happened.
  • myths gain potency from ability to persuade
  • distinction between historians and mythologizers not clear cut, truth seeking is the goal but it can be argued that by challenging one myth you only create other myths.
  • Types of Mythologyization ¬†involve: autobiography, drama, fiction, art, film and encountered in newspapers, periodicals and books.

Chapter 8

  • Anti-Imperialism started recasting Boxer myth, meaning of past governed by concerns of present.
  • New Culture Movement task of remaking China moved to more political concerns.
  • More redeeming qualities were found in Boxer rebellion such as the rallying cry for the spirit of the Chinese people.
  • Shift from superstitious backwards rebels to patriotic anti-imperialists.
  • Chinese protest in Japanese textile mill sparked anti-imperialism protests all through China.
  • Protests were better than the Boxer rebellion because it was more anti-imperialistic, while Boxers were more anti-foreign.
  • Restoration of Chinese nationalism and Communists started looking towards the Boxer rebellion for support.

First Post

Hello all! My name is Spenser and this sight was created for the purpose of sharing my blogs to the world for History 297. I have lived in Virginia my entire life and I think the deep history of the state definitely made an impact on me from a young age. I love just about everything to do with history especially ancient Rome and Greece. At the age of 8 I started taking martial arts and that has played a major role in my life, allowing me opportunities I never would have had without it. When relaxing my favorite things are to read, listen to music or watch movies. Lastly I am currently working towards becoming a history teacher so I can help kids have a better understanding of the world around them.


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